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XR650L Suspension Questions

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I am going to do some suspension work on my 94 650L

I am 260 (without gear) and run a 5 gallon acerbis tank. I know I want to respring front and back and install a fork brace. I would prefer to do the work myself for experience and have a few questions for those that have done the suspension and are in my weight class. I am no SX or desert racer. I just want it to behave better. Here are my 1st set of questions. (Sure to be followerd by several more.

1. Springs heavier then 11.5kg\.47 Who makes em?

2. Revalve? Huge difference? suggestions?

3. RSW racing Fork Brace anybody used them?

4. Any shim stack or other reccomendations etc... (Like BWB63's 650R tips)

Any other suggestions or reccomendations?

Thanks everybody

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