Titatanium head pipe fix - Thanks Motoman!

I had a small rock ding in the headpipe on my 450 from a rock thrown up by my front wheel.

I used Motoman's head pipe fix method on the titanium header on my 450.

You can find it on his website listed below.


It worked like a charm! I couldn't believe it was that easy. Also, with the titanium pipe, a propane torch works fine. No need to use Oxy/Acetylene. Makes it even easier.

The only issue was finding the correct tap. The correct tap is 1/4 NPT and you use a 7/16 inch drill bit for the hole to tap.

When you are done, use some WD-40 and a green ScotchBrite pad and shine that header up. It removes the torch marks and makes it look brand new!

a couple of questions for you... i have a dent in mine, and was considering doing the mod some time ago, but i gave up on the idea as my neighbor is a metallurgist, and he told me the titanium will melt too easily.

having heard that you did it successfully gives me hope.

what pressure did you use, did you go 80psi?

is yours the stock header? if no then what.

did it go with minimal heat, or was it glowing.

the reason i ask, is that im not sure if the fmf header is maybe thinner than the stock, and i dont want to hole it.



No problem at all.

I did use 80 psi. I was also very afraid to use the Oxy/Acet because I feared that it would melt my head pipe.

I just heated it up with the propane torch and before it even got very orange, the dent started to come out on its own. It was frickin' amazing! I continued to heat the area until all the area surrounding the dent was orange/red, then I let it cool very slowly. The whole thing took less than 2 minutes once the heat was applied.

This was on the stock head pipe.

If the dent didn't come out, I was prepared increase the PSI rather than increase the heat. Luckily, it was much easier than I expected and no experimentation was needed.

Be careful, make the jig exactly as described and you should have no problems removing the dent in your head pipe.

One thing I did was before putting in the expansion plug, I cleaned out the carbon build up in the inside of the pipe. I wanted the plug to have a clean surface to grip/seal, so that it wouldn't fly out unexpectedly.

Garrett still helping and touching people's lives.....AWESOME! :cry:

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