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Carb O-Rings size?

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Does anyone have the sizes of the floatbowl O-Rings.

I have been running on the rich side (plugs fowled) after

installing dyna jet and new pilot screw. Also the O-Ring on

the end of the pilot screw.

The spring washer and o-ring seem compressed on the screw.

I've had the bike running idle with the screw all in (tight) or

several turns out (3-4) with out much change.:cry: Seems like

fuel is getting by somewhere, read it may be o-rings.

Any sugestions?



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What size jet are you using and also what kind of exhaust? Float bowl o-rings caused me all kinds of head aches.:cry: I got mine from local suzuki dealer for about $10. You can also order from www.bikebandit.com but will have to pay flat shipping charge I think it's $6.

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