just goes to show there are still deals to be found...

on the dual sport side of the d37 messageboard there was a thread about someone registering a bike... later in the thread, one of the members chimmed in with this:

"Me to!

I just picked it up today for $1000.00 a 2001 with 1800 miles.

I am trilled but my wife is....well she said I don't need one of every color.

If I get the KTM I will have one of every color.

Now what do I do with this thing? Mods, places to ride (Silverado peak)

I don't have a license."


click on the hyperlink. $1000 bucks for a straight 650l aint bad!!!!

here's a link to the thread it was in:


:cry: Dude..... one hell of a deal. I hope when I am looking for my 650R in a few months that I could find something as cheap and clean. Good for you !:cry:

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