450F Wearing me out

As has been said, it's all in the legs. Get your weight onto the balls of your feet and you will become one with the machine. :cry:

No one suggested a flywheel weight? Adding a tooth to the rear sprocket? Both of these things on my 450 were life (well ride anyway) savers.

The 47 tooth sprocket made my monster a joy to ride.

Don't tame down the hit, stretch it out with gearing. 47 or even 46 tooth rear.


You are right about the rear sprocket I meant go to a 47 from a 48. This is the only bike I have ever done this too. Every other bike I've had needed to go the other way. I have ridden my bike with both the flywheel weight and the sprocket, also with only one or the other and I really like it better with both.

I see you are from Nevada and you are probably riding the desert. I was having the same problem with my 04 yz450. I started backing off the compression on the forks and rear shock. I don't hit any supercross type jumps out in the desert, so I just kept an eye on how much suspension I was using and went softer until I was using the full travel of suspension for my style of riding. Riding is now fun again.

Something else to concider would be a steering damper. You'd be suprized how much of your fatigue is generated by arm-pump. Once you have the front end behaving over rough terrain, you can relax your upper body and "float" through the woods much easier. Thus, spending conciderably less energy trying to hang on to that beast.

who makes a steering damper, besides the seceret one on the factory honda!

I put an 8 ounce heavier flywheel from http://www.dubachracing.com/products.aspx?lCatID=3#55

should have only added 6 ounces though.

aford541, I put a 6 oz on mine a year ago and now want to switch to a 4. I emailed DRD and Gina (Dubach) said swapping was no big deal. You'll have to pay a deposit, until they receive the your 8, and shipping. Call them.


I had the same complaint with my 2003 YZ450F coming off a 2002 YZ250F, I agree with others, get a flywheel weight. The other bigger issue for me was riding style, I was used to whacking the throttle coming out of turns and I needed to learn to be a bit more precise and roll the throttle on. I can now say that I can ride the 450F just as long and hard as the 250F.

You have to be in shape and you also have to ride correctly. The 4 stroke power is NOW compared to the 2 stroke spooling up for the powerband. What happens is you are in a 2 stroke riding position and using your arms to hold on, not your knees. The 2 stroke you can get away with this and be lazy. But you ALWAYS have to have your knees clamping the bike at all times with the 4 stroke power. otherwise your arms do all the work and tire you out very quickly.

Lifting weights will help also, but practice gripping with the legs not the arms.

much logic in quote! :)

I think you need to isolate whether its handling or power delivery causing so much fatigue or a combination of both.

If its handling then gripping with legs has got to be step one. Followed by suspension mods and valving. The 04's also have a tendency for a lot of head shake so the stabilizer / damper should eliminate a lot of fatigue as tight grip to safeguard this is a huge factor. If its power delivery the flywheel weight as my stock 04 450f flywheeel is way to light for any application. The cam mod would only be recommended for woods riders and guys that just think its way too harsh. More time on the bike will be the cheapest option.

yeahya i get what your saying. but i think your problem isnt because of the hard hitting powerband, i mean you came off a yz250, they carry one hell of a hit as well, i think your 2 main problems with this are 1)the 450 is more topheavy causing more fatique in technical riding, and probably even more because 2)only 4 gears. you probably shift a lot more to keep it ridin right on the powerband, unlike your 5 geared 250 which you were probably more use to had less shfiting invloved. maybe try a different pipe or different sized sprockets to change the gearing? maybe even a flywheel weight to smooth it all out for less shifting. i hope i have helped you

i shift less on my 05 450f then i ever did on my 01 250.The powerband on this 05 is ssmmmmoootttthhh compared to what that 250 was.I'm considering a flywheel weight but i dunno,i love that fast power responce.The only downside is i went from having full custom suspension on my 250 smoker to stock suspension on my 450,which is to stiff for my 165lbs by far,at least for what i ride.

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