Is the IMS tank the same, 04 to 05

I just received my tank from IMS. The receipt indicates that it is for a 2004 WR450. I have a 2005. does anyone if they are the same? I tried to call IMS but they are closed until Friday. I would really like to mount it before then. I am pretty tired of 50 mile rides. :cry:

Well, you answered my question. 50 miles huh! That's not a lot!

What kind of riding, WOT, woods, MX, desert?

Looks like an IMS tank is in my future!

Keep us informed on the look and fitup...Inquiring minds want to know

The part number for the new tank to fit an 05 with AIS on is 117323, it is listed to fit 03-05. The only difference is on the portion that sits next to the AIS, they made it so it would clear the junk. I dont know the P.N. for the tank it replaces.

Desert Riding @ Wfo!!!!!!!

I don't believe that the 04 IMS tank will fit on your 05. I have an 05 WR 450 and bought some radiator gaurds that were for an 04 and the bolt holes did not match up. I just ordered an 05 IMS tank for my bike because I went to cleer creek and had to switch to reserve at 37 miles, and ran out at 48 miles. I have checked my mileage a couple of times and am averaging about 21-22mpg.

The tank for the 03/04 will fit the 05 if you remove the AIS, the new tank will fit 03-05.

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