Sprocket Size

Salty, we'll hook up this spring for sure. I think you'll like the lower gearing. Yes it makes 2nd a bit hairy but you just put it in third and lug or rip.

Go 15/47 and hold onto your shorts. 100 m.p.h + easily. Almost shat myself last weekend in the washes at Ocatillo. A buddy clocked his bike at 94 m.p.h on his GPS and I was pulling away from him pretty quick. GPR stabalizer on "6" setting and hold the f**k on! :devil::cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Im looking into a new chain/sprockets and I find the stock gearing to LOW for the riding I do. Mostly street, and some hard pack trails, hills and ONCE a year, I drag it on the trailer X-Country to NM AZ and some surrounding states. I am an MPG nut :devil: so the extra savings on the gas back and forth to work would be great. I also would like ot get rid of the vibration at highway speeds....

I guess I'll try the 13 tooth front sprocket and see how that works and go from there....

Thanks :cry:

Note that the BRP tends to eat the chain slider underneath the front swingarm pivot before it hits the wear indicator on the top side; especially if you have a crusty stiff old chain that doesn't really want to straighten once it spools off the bottom of the front sprocket. If you go to a smaller front sprocket, I'm thinking this might happen even quicker?

I use the 13/48 for trail riding and when summer rolls around I change out the front to a 15/48 for dual sport riding and it will cruise at sixty all day long. It only takes a couple of minutes and makes a huge difference either way depending on what I am looking for. Cheap experiment also since the front sprockets were only about 15 bucks each.

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