Would you buy a 650L again?

Built like a TANK,easy to work on,heck yea I'll buy another!But the DRZ-S is a lot closer to a dirtbike for sure,it may be the best bike for you.Myself Im a trailrider so I like the big bore bikes because they run so good on the asphalt,and I dont want no water buffalooo out on the range.

I have a 93 650L and have ridden it for years with very few mods (even still use the steel bars). I like the bike well enough to rebuild the motor twice (once was my fault) and the wife and I still tackle all the dual sport hard ways two up. It's so much fun to pass guys on their tricked out bikes while riding a 12 year old bike with two geezers sitting on top of it. I have to say that I do have a 2001 650R that I have dual sported and also use for BITD racing such as Vegas to Reno. I really love that bike. It is perfectly capable of cruising the street or hammering out 500 miles of dirt on the way to Reno.

The 650 L is the best all around bike I've ever owned.(a little heavy,you can get it down under 300 pds with some after market stuff)) I have owned everything from a 1976 yz 400 to a 2002 xr 650 L ( at least 15 different bikes). If you like power, reliability and ride on the street at all, stay in the red!

No, read reports of the upper connecting rod bearing not even beaing bushed, I would more trust the 650R with a DS kit over the last 650L i owned.

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