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Please help, jetting a stock 250X

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Hello, and right off the bat let me ask apologies if this information had been covered. I am one of the unlucky few who has dial-up internet, and search times are getting longer and longer! :cry:

I own a 2004 250X, live at sea level (about 1.5 hour drive from Atlantic City), and have a terrible bog off-idle. (It will downright stall out if I try to hit the throttle hard from a dead stop, and it also does this with the bike in neutral).

I am interested in the JD jetting kit, and would appreciate a nudge in the direction of the right jets to try starting out with. The carb and rest of the bike are still completely stock. I am not yet interested in cutting the airbox, or modifying the exhaust -- I'd like to do this in steps, first getting rid of the bogging problem with rejetting (if possible).

Can someone help this new-comer jetting for the first time?!

Also, will I need any jet wrenches? What size (6 or 8 mm) and what shape?

One last question: JD kits don't come with any leak jets it seems. Is this an important jet to change when rejetting?

Thank you very much, I appreciate this web site and your information.

I wanna get this thing ripping and roosting!!! :cry:


Southern New Jersey (lots of woods here).

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The first mod I did to my 2004 was the JD kit and I love it. I have only cut the top of the air box and followed the kit instructions and it worked great. I have since installed a 42 pilot and it helped even more on the bottom end. If you have a problem or question JD will answer you on the Jetting Forum.

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Would you recommend also changing the main jet? Or should I just change the pilot jet for now? :cry: How about the leak jet -- is that one that matters much?

I was thinking of going to the next size up on each jet, so long as I'd already have the carb apart. The leak jet, though, taking it up a size will mean "less" gas is applied to the intake from the accelerator pump... at least I think...

Is that right?

Thanks for your time,


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I have a CA bike and run at about 3,000 to 3,500 foot in elevation at about 50-70 degrees. Right now I am running a 155 main, 42 pilot, JD blue needle on the 4th position and 2 turns out on the fuel screw. Lower altitude and/or warmer calls for richer jetting, higher elevation and/or colder calls for leaner jetting. JD's kit has excellent recommenddations for all conditions.

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Does anyone have the instructions for moding the airbox and for rejetting instructions online for the crf250x

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