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I love my Tera-Flex!!

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I just got a new Terra-FLex 140 for the rear of my bike and a dunlop 756 for the front. I used to be running a dunlop 606 both front a rear. These new tires are awesome. The difference is almost as good as going from a deathwing to a 606 in the dirt. There is a couple of things I have noticed about the Tera Flex from the little riding I have done with it.

1: It seems to abosorb square edged hits better, transferring less jarring to the rider. This is probably because the tire is so tall and you can run 6 psi in it no problem. it almost gives you and extra 2 inches of suspension travel when you let the tire flex. The tire can even be ran Flat.

2: This is just my theory, but the tera flex tire is taller, Thus lifting the rear of your bike higher, and putting more weight on the front of the bike, helping with the front end from washing out. This is just a theory though the Dunlop 756 just could be that awesome of a tire.

3: I am new to riding, and my friends would always tell me "when in doubt, gas it out" They meant if things started getting floppy on the bike, Just gas it hard and the bike will straighten out. Well this never made any since to me with the DRZ and the Dunlop 606's. It was more like, "gas it and crash it". With the terra flex on the rear, i know what there are talking about now. You just gas it and the bike will stand up right and almost correct itself - to a point of course!

4: The bikes rear is so much more predictable now. The Tera flex almost never slides out, and if it does, it like it does it in slow motion, and will regain composure again quickly. The 606 was more lightning fast in sliding out, and might not ever regain traction, or at least regain traction not nearly as soon as I want it too.

I am really excited about these tires, I am really looking forward to riding with these tires more. I can go faster, have more fun, and not be as tired from body englishing the 606's and less fatigue from the square edge impacts.

I was cruising down a dirt road at 65 mph the other day, I was thinking to myself this is ridiculous, I might as well as be on a street bike, on the street. It was smooth as a cadilac.

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