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Rekluse DRZ question

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if you enter a mudhole with an auto clutch, what happens

in a situation where a bog-type event happens?

ok, i'm not sure if you'll follow what i'm gettin at.

normally, let's say i enter a mud hole with my DRZ,

and i'm tractoring along slowly "bwuuuuuuaaaaaarrrppppp"

and now let's say it's so yucky that being in 2nd, i give more gas

until it kinda bogs out and dies. (obviously better technique would dictate

that one should downshift to 1st for more power,

or maybe another preferred option, but let's assume not for this

argument's sake please)

ok, so in this kind of self-detroying power-robbing engine-dying

situation, would the auto-clutch prevent the death bog?

like, you could kinda creep along with any throttle input you'd like and

it just stays running?

similar to, dare i say, an automatic utility quad?

please enlighten me?:cry:

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It will not die unless the engine was not warmed up completely.

You might not have power and you might slip the crap out of the components of the z-start but it would not stall.

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