How quiet is a White Bros E series?

Anyone running one of these mufflers? Will it come close to the 96db limit?

A White Bros. E-Series you say? ITS LOUD!!! Even with half the disks out, it's still pretty loud, not sure if it would pass the db test or not. I'm sure there are some guys in here who have had it tested and know the answer, I hope they reply to help ya out there.


'00XR650R/uncorked/jetted/e-series silencer/street legal

'04KX500/fmfgnarly/vforce reeds

:cry: Agreed,

It's loud! It's not restrictive at all. Remember the Super Trapp?

6 disks and you'll pass. 12 disks and you'll loosen your fillings!

I have never been tested and run 10 disks in mine. I also have the quiet core but it is not installed. I install it for the stealthier runs.

I tried 14 disks and way too loud. Huge difference from 10 disks.

Where are you in CA. If near Rialto PM me and stop by you can check it out. I have a few ends and the quiet core you can see if you like the sound. I also have a XR's only supertrapp that is off my bike you can try for giggles.

I use an E-series with 10 discs.

I don't feel it is that loud at all. It is probably the quietest of the bikes that I ride with.

I have been tested at a few AMA races at 90db at idle. I had the bike warmed up and the idle set real low.


E series = Loud

I just bought an 05 650L. Put the E series S-bend on it as part of the uncorking process it has 12 discs in it. Loudness you'll find is a negotiable term so here's what I did. 6' behind at a 45 degree right angle from the pipe at 3000 rpm is 104 decibles. I went to the california ohv website this is how they said to test it and it at least sets up a bench mark. They say for rpm a normal operating range. I chose 3000 rpm. This pipe to me has great tone but for me its too loud. I've been waiting to remove some discs to see how much quieter it gets with 10 and then maybe 8. I would like to be somewhere around 98db at 3000 rpm. Don't know what it'll do to jetting yet. If your interested I'll do it tonight and reply tomorrow but I'd want to hear from you because I'm not in a real hurry unless I could help another fellow out. My power with 12 discs is so great I don't know how much I'll loose with less discs. I hope this helps out or at least gives you some where to start.

Does the phrase "eruption of Mt. Saint Helens" mean anything to you.

I have the HRC tip and it's relatively loud itself when your on the gas but, when your just cruising steady it's not that bad. I would like to just bolt on a straight thru exhaust, but I won't. Steath is key. If you can have the loud exhaust that's awesome. It must be awesome to just romp on her and fly with a loud pipe.

Without the back plate it's loud! With the back plate it's ok. With 10 disks and back plate I have seen it pass the 96db test at Ocotillo. They say eight is a sure bet to pass but, it depends on who is test it.

I'm running mine without the backplate and no discs because with the discs it was melting my turn signal.:cry: It is very loud but I dont mind.:cry:

E series put some harleys to shame :

My 2002 XR650R has a White Bros header and E Series pipe. With the quiet core and 10 discs I tested at 94.4. With the quiet core and 12 discs I tested at 96.0.

Does the phrase "eruption of Mt. Saint Helens" mean anything to you.

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