And There I Was.......

Let me set this up for those reading this so that you don’t think I’m freakin here….. :D

{SCENE): Beautiful North Ga Mountain range just shy of Chattanooga Tn. As we approach on Sunday morning the clouds have enveloped the tops of the mountains as a cold front moved in during the night and caused several thunder storms which soaked the hard packed Georgia clay….(Can you say slicker than a hill covered in Slick 50 ?) :)

The cast of characters includes myself, RSK, and our very own Ga426owner “David” (Our Special Guest). And several very new and very green low time woods riders...Laurel and Hardy would have been proud of the comic relief they provided. Lets just say that statements that have routinely been made here concerning Track riders and Woods riders are different is painfully true. I have never seen one group of riders take so many soil samples in my life….You would have thought that we were watching a department of agriculture convention. I have not laughed as much as I did yesterday in years. If you could name all the ways someone could crash the greenies did it. Hell one (Friend) must have spent ½ of his total ride inspecting his bike from beneath it.

There were two incidents that bare mentioning one concerning myself and one concerning our new riding partner and thumper talk member Ga426Owner(David)

(Damn…This was funny…Sorry David) :D

Now I figure that I’m a religious as the next person and all but what happened next is unexplainable. I had just completed my mods on my WR400 and after cutting the gray wire has more power than it has ever had. We had just descended the hill from hell where several of our Greenies had decided to bail off their rides on the way down and admire the scenery from the ground up. (Next time the digital camera is going under my chest protector) Man it was funny…. After getting everyone to the bottom and allowing a few minutes of would licking time we were off and running. W had to return to the parking area to allow one of our group to fuel as he had not prior to departing (That’s another story in its self) We decided to return via the main road which runs down the middle of the park to save time and more injuries…

I had just performed my first complete service on my ride and cut the gray wire days earlier; I was loving it and decided that I was going to see what this baby would do. The center road had been recently graded and a new layer of fresh gravel had been laid. I picked a line around a right hand curve and hammered the throttle. Upon ripping into 4th gear I knew I had made an error in judgment, my bike was sliding toward the outside of the curve directly inline with the biggest damn oak tree I had ever seen (At least at about 45 mph), I immediately got off the throttle but could not arrest the slide, I dropped to 3rd gear, pitched hard right and rehammered the throttle still no change in my path……I began to look for an alternate place to crash, the bank on the side of the road was about 50ft down and was painted by saplings of various sizes, I knew that would hurt worse. Just when I had decided that I was going to bail off and take my chances something shot me off to the right side of the road. I didn’t catch dry ground, I never felt any traction, I just moved. Needless to say I let go of the throttle and said to myself “That will be enough of that for the day” upon returning to the parking lot I immediately checked my britches for soiling….. RSK who had been right behind me said that there was no way I was going to miss that tree….my bike moved about 6ft to the right and he didn’t see it happen. Later when we rode in the area again I looked at the tracks that I made when I slid and when I recovered…..lets just say that the change of direction wasn’t drawn on the ground…… :D

The second incident was a classic…. You know there’s always one thing that someone does that makes a ride memorable for everyone else…. Most of the time it comes at my expense…however, this time it wasn’t me, and I damn near had a heart attack I laughed so hard. There is one area of the park that can become hazardous when it is really wet and at least once during a ride there we manage to get the testosterone worked up to do at least one pass through there. 3 out of the five of us had made the run before and knew to be careful. The trail begins with a creek crossing that is about 3 ft deep and everyone made it through it easily, the second obstacle is a hill with boulders sticking out everywhere. I followed RSK up the hill and with the stupidity of the class clown looked in one direction and rode in another and stalled out halfway up the hill. GA426Owner was right on my butt and broke left to keep from hitting me and cased his bike on a high rock. We untangled the mess and began the trip into the trail of the damned….

Man it was slippery…you could be riding straight ahead and in an instance be on your butt without hitting anything and on level ground……about ¾ of the way in we came along a group of 4 wheelers frantically trying to clear themselves from the snot along the hillside. There was a deep mud pit in the middle of the trail that I knew from previous experience would swallow the titanic.

I noticed that RSK and GA426Owner were lined up for a frontal assault on the mud pit … I Screamed as loud as I could “ GO TO THE RIGHT” as I had spotted a newly made trail that someone had made to bypass the “Pit of Hell” …..IT WAS TOO LATE……RSK had hammered the throttle and GA426Owner had followed suit…. :shocked:It was like a slow motion movie….RSK throwing a wall of water like a water skier made it through by hanging onto a ridge on the right side of the pit. GA426Owner and his BIG BLUE SUBMARINE was doing good but ran up on RSK to fast and had to stop…. His next step would be his last as the hole was deep and his left foot would soon find the bottom….There was a look of disbelief as David struggled to keep the Blue Beast’s head above the water line….and then it happened….just for a moment…but long enough….The “Pit from Hell” had claimed another victim….The Blue Beast had become silent.

I know it wasn’t funny to him… :D but it was right out of a blooper reel. :D It was all I could do to contain myself….but I did it….Even when I busted my butt while we all tried to extricate the Beast from the jaws of Hell.

It took a while but we got David’s WR426 out of the hole and after what felt like an eternity of David performing CPR the beast sprung back to life.

As penance for my laughter the trail slammed me to the ground on the way out…just when I thought I had made it unscathed. :D

This was an excellent ride….I can’t wait until next weekend…. :D

Anybody up for Kentuck next Sunday?

Bonzai..... :D

Bill As always I had a good time and David it was good to meet and ride with you, I can tell you are a very experienced rider just from following you through the woods, you make riding the big blue beast look easy I look forward to doing it again.

As for the submarine race, when I came up on the hole from hell and the four wheelers where sitting there doing there dance I was waiting for them to get out of the way when I heard somebody screaming at me GO! So I picked a line around the edge of the mud whole and went for it (I did not see the other trail around till I came back and saw David performing cpr on the 426). I also did not look back to see the action behind me (in the immortal words from the Italian guy in Gum Ball rally “what is behind me does not concern me”) I was more worried about the slimy slip and slid hill I was going down, I went about a half mile to the end of the trail and stopped and as I set there I noticed one thing, Silence. I knew this was not good since I can usually hear Bill on his 400 quit a ways away and now I cant hear any of these monsters and there where three of them. I decided I better go back and see what was going on, when I got there I did not expect to see what I saw, what I expected was to see Bill or one of the other guys stuck in the mud hole instead it was David doing the four stroke 2 step trying to get her to pop off. I parked the KTM and from the three folks standing around I was able to figure out that David had ended up in the hole from hell and thing did not look good, there was talk about going and getting a four wheeler to pull it out of the woods, I guess the beast heard this talk and did not want to suffer the ridicule of being pulled from the woods and came back to life with a loud roar, which made all of the folks standing around and especially David real happy.

Next time David I will follow you………..maybe (those big beast through a lot of rocks)

Welcome KTM Warrior to the world of the Thumper. I have given our thanks to David for the Gut Wrenching Laughter he has brought into the group. :D We didn't get as much riding done as we all wanted to, but the day turned out to be one of our more memorable rides to say the least. :)

Clint sends his apologies as his leash was tied to the bumper of his truck and the wife "Dragged Him to the Beach", He and the boys will be ready for next Sunday at Kentuck if you will be available. I tried to contact you today but didn't get an answer at your office or the cell phone.

Again...welcome to our forum.

Bonzai.... :D

Bonzai, that is truely a detailed version of yesterday SUBMARINE FEST!!!! I guess to add something even funnier - the look on the faces from the group of 4-wheelers, crossing that 40ft creek, where I decided to clean myself, my shorts & bike after the fall over into the spooge pit from hell. I had Ga. red clay & spooge from head to foot. The WR was completely red. In order to halfway clean up I just laid down in the creek. The 4-wheelers thought I was crazy to be doing the backstroke in that creek. At least I got most of the clay out of my boots, gloves, shirt, shorts & pants. What a frigen site that must have been, but I did not give a

$&!#....The last time I follow RSK, for sure.......

RSK, Steve -- I will follow you anywhere, anytime. I have been laughing at myself for 2 days since scuba diving w/ riding gear on. I can not remember the last time I simply just fell down into a mudhole that deep & nasty. All in all it was fun, funny as heck -I am glad to give you all a good laugh, I deserved it - I am sure the look on my face was worth a thousand grins & giggles. I can not wait until our next adventure! Welcome to the Thumper Site!!!!!Visit anytime.

Great story, made me smile! :)

Hey, you guys are having too much fun!

Would you mind having a couple of old slow guys (WR and KTM owners) tag along sometime?

If your group is "exclusive", I understand.

My buddy and I live in north Atanta; we don't get to ride very much; maybe you could give us some riding tips.

You guys ride any SETRA events?



Greg From Atl. you can join us anytime. The more the merrier. I believe the next scheduled trip is to Kentuck - Alabama this weekend. Approx 1.5 hrs from Atl. west on I-20 . Anniston Exit. YamaCasi - are we set for Kentuck Sun?????????Greg my # is 770-886-1466 home. Call me Weds night.

Yep....Everything is set...Spoke with Jenny and her group this morning and the boys in Newnan, Everybody's in. Steve has an engagement to attend to, I'm figuring 10 from the Southside plus anyone else that jumps in at the last miunte. I promised my wife that I would take her to lake lanier on saturday, Just spent $800. on boat repairs so I need to run it hard to test it out. I won't get a final head count until saturday night. This might be a good time to plan another cook out while were at it.

Bonzai..... :)

Greg from Atlanta: do you want to join us in the fun on Sunday?

David, If you are going to be bringing tools with you on Sunday, I think I'll drive my jeep and mini trailer instead. Gonna have to try and save some gas. My Big Rig is tearing up my gas card and I just got notified were getting another foster child this mouth to feed....oh well. Looks like I'll also have to put the pipe off for another month or so....gotta start turning the garage into another bedroom next week....there goes another 4k. Sure glad I bought that trailer now !

Bonzai... :)

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