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Seized my X

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a sad day for me.

my friend rode my 04 250x and seized it. i have the engine off the bike, but afraid to open it up.

i live in southern cal and i'm lookin for someone to wrench on it that knows what they are doing. i have rebuilt toyota 4cyl and 6cyl engines with no probs but as for a bike, this would be a first.

also while i have the bike apart,

cams...........which brand should i go with...i dont race mx, i like trails but i like power like any power whore.

piston & crank, is it worth changing the compression or a better piston or possibly even go with a stroker?? (if they even make it)

valves??? i havn't had any problems but then the bike only has 10 hours on it before this happened. keep em stock?? go stainless steel?? i mainly want reliability in this area.

my current mods, Dr D full system, jetted, airbox mod, wire mod,

i love this bike, a shame what happened to her,

it breaks my heart to see her in peices

thanks duumah

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That sucks bad. I suppose by "seized" you mean you can't even crank it over? If you've kept track of the oil level by checking it before every ride, I'd suggest you deliver the engine to a Honda dealer to have them check it out. With the mods you've done, they may not give you any consideration, but it's worth a shot. If you're pretty sure it was low oil level and you're not comfortable doing the work yourself, it may still be a good idea to use a dealer. I, for one, am pretty comfortable doing major work on my engine. But in a case of catastrophic engine failure, it may be a good idea to use a highly qualified (Honda) mechanic as there are probably many aspects to the engine that need to be checked out before reassembly. Otherwise, you may end up grenading a new rotating assembly do to an overlooked failed component. Keep us posted.

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