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Drilling stock exaust on 96+ DR650

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Anyone here drill there stock exaust on their 96+ DR650? Ive read in several places about people that have drilled a 5/16 inch hole in the first baffle.

Does it make it alot louder compared to stock?(ive got to keep it quiet)

How does it compare to an aftermerket pipe performance wise and sound wise?

Right now ive got a dynojet jet kit with the DJ needle, 160 main, K&N, airbox mod.

Would I be able to run the 170 main as recomended by DJ for a airbox mod+aftermerket pipe?

Lots of questions.... Thanks for replies

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Does that really help ?

From what i have heard you get a moderately louder sound, but not a nice sound, just louder. And performance wise i doubt that it helps too much...

And of course you also got a broken orignial muffler then - i.e. if you get any problems legally, you must buy a new original = expensive and not funny !

(Dont know how picky they are where you live though)

Buy a slipon instead is my advice.

A CRD or GPR for instance. Costs about 300-500 Euro in Europe, but you can probably get them cheaper in the U.S. and even buy them used if you find one...

Unfortunately they can be pretty loud. But if you want to be silent - use the original...

I have a CRD myself, but i think that it is far to loud, even if the sound is really nice !! I run with the original and a 160 Jet right now.

Maybe the bike is a bit too rich with this setup, but fuel consumption is ok, and the preformance is much better that stock jetting/airbox !

I currently have the CRD in pieces, and I will try to add a noise-damper in the rear. I am thinking of some sort of device/plate to "bash" the pulses, but we'll see how it works when the bike season is on here in Sweden again in a couple of months... :cry:


edit: checked my jetsize is 160 not 180 :cry:

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i would just go and buy a new exhaust.. the stock one is very heavy and not very useful unless you intend to keep it peaceful (which drilling defeats)

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