Fork spring install 05 yz450...How difficult

Anyone have any tips, tricks or tools that will help me replace the springs on the new forks?





I think if you read the manual it should be pretty easy, at least it looked that way to me. The only bad thing is I think you will need the special tools it lists to take the forks apart. I had a buddy who always takes his forks apart on every bike he gets(about 4 new bikes a year), and he had problems with the 05 forks because he didn't have the correct tools.

You can change the springs without the special tools. You just can't get the compression tanks apart. Not very hard at all You should be able to do both in less than an hour. Just refer to your manual. Be careful not to let the tubes come apart too far unless you are going to take them all the way apart and change the seals also. There is a sharp edge at the top of the inner tube that holds a bushing that may cut the seal if you let the outer tube go past it.

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