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Getting screwed on my title!!!

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I registered my dr650 in November in Texas. The bike and title were previously from Colorado. I'm selling the bike now and finally found a buyer so I go digging around for my title to find that I was never given one. I called the DPS and they argued that I had not surrendered a title when I registered the bike and therefore would not be issued one. I most certainly DID give them the colorado title and after hours of phone calls and pissed off government employees, I found a guy willing to look at the microfilm from my transaction and what do you know....he found the colorado title. So of course the dps won't speed anything up and I have to wait 3weeks-a month for the title to come snail mail. What a pita. AND...I paid the "title fee" in the first place! why would I do that if I wasn't going to get a title??? These people are FREAKS!! Is there any way around the wait??--just venting

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