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I've Posted This In The Exotics Section And I Wonder If I'll Get Anymore Answers In Here:worthy:

Just Got My 400 Back Home From Work Lunch Time.

Thought I'd Sorted Everything Out,Untill I Tried To Go Around The First Corner :devil:

The Thig Is Totally Unstable,First Of It Doesnt Want To Turn,When You Finally Manage To Get It To It Starts To Whip And Shake :mad:

The Only Things I Have Done Are Change The Fork Springs And Oil,Fit A New Shock Spring,Adjust The Valves And Change The Oil :cry::D

What Have I Done Thats Wrong.

Theres Lots Of Odd Things With This Bike.

When I First Got It The Valve Clearances Were Nearly 3 Times The Size The Should Have Been.

Hitting Rough Tracks Would Could Some Serious Bottoming.

Which Made My Arms Tingle And Go Numb.

Hit It Real Fast And You'd End Up Looking Like A Speedway Rider :cry:

Closing The Throttle To Half Way Caused Flames.

Closing The Throttle To Quarter Way Caused Stalling.

Since Sorting Out Valves It Doesnt Stall Now,Just Stumbles And Surges.

No More Flames But Still Pops And Bangs.

Swapped Shock Spring Over To A Higher Rate To Cope With My Fat Arse :D

No More Speedway.

Stripped Forks,Left Fork Had 450ml Of Darkish Oil,Cleaned Out Muck And Swapped Over Spring,Old Spring Was Very Easy To Compress By Hand.

New Spring Was Much Harder To Compress.

Stripped Right Fork,Drained Off 510ml Of Foul Smelling Dark Oil,Changed VERY Stiff Spring,Cleaned Out Muck And Reassembled.

Both Forks Now Have Nice,Clean Oil,Both Have Same Rate Spring And Same Amount Of Oil,Air Gap Is 90mm.

All Clickers Set Back To Standard,Raised Forks 4/5mm Through Clamps To Help Turning.

All Though When I Started This They Were Flush With Top Clamp.

Riding In Straight Line Over Rough Roads And Tracks At Mid-Full Chat Its Really Nice No Bottoming Or Skipping Out At The Back.

But Cornering,Even At 15mph It'll Whip And Shake,Looks Like Some Of The Old MotoGP Boys Flat Out,You Know The Proper Scarey Head Shacking Type One :cry:

What Do You Think I've Done Wrong?

This Bike Is A Really Strange One.

I Spoke To A Guy Who Has A Company That Specializes In GG And Husky.

He Races Regularly On An EC 250.

Told Him What Is Was Doing And That I Weigh 16 Stone With Gear.

His Reply Was 'Thats Not Really A Problem,You Need To Go A Couple Of Rates Higher In The Front And Back,Dont Need To Alter The Valving As Its Really Good As Standard,I Usually Drop The Clamps 3/4mm To Help Make It Turn Better.'

So Thats What I Did.

As I Said Going Over The Bumps It Really Good Now. It Just Feel Like The Frames Bent Or Something :cry:

Its Alway Been Hard To Steer. I Believe Mines An FST Model,Which Has A Lower Seat Height And Longer Links :devil: So I Ordered New Links For An FSE To Raise The Seat,Only To Find It Already Had Them


What Do You Think???

Have I Been A Complete W****R And Forgot Something?:cry:

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