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what spring rate-2002 cr 500 AF ----

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I have a custom made 02 cr500AF .So the bike is basically a cr250 but the cr500 motor adds 7lbs more to the total weight of the bike .I weigh around 215 and ride at carnegie (lots of hills ) and the ocassional ride in the forest (single track).I am an ok rider ,I dont race but my freinds who I ride with race D36

(B class)and win and (A class) and win .I want to keep the valving stock (I might redo it later) but the stock springs are way to soft .Yesterday I did a little 30foot road jump and on the take off I allways preloand my suspension to get more height ,and the forks blew throught the travel WAY to fast (it was kinda scary) I had the fork compression a 5 out form all the way hard and the rebound was at like 10-12 out.

Thanks alot

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