My first long ride with my 05 , Pics....

Epic ride Dan! Thanks for the pics and report.Im doubting I will make you ride.:cry: Cant get time off of work. Really blows but I have to pay the bills....

:cry: I understand..

Where did you 'stage' at? And where did you ride to? Can you post a map from your GPS of where you rode? Are those dunes at Rasor Rd? That is a fun, but desolate place! Glad you had a good ride!

Big Matt, I "staged" at my buddies 5th wheel on a piece of property on a lake in Newberry Springs. I don't have any GPS maps, sorry. Razor Road is close but those dunes are the Kelso dunes. :cry:

Dan, are there places out there that rent bikes?

Great write up and pics. :cry:

Thanks Bean-o....

Vmax I'm not sure :cry: You could always ship your bike to me.. :cry:

Hey Dan, great ride report. Is this why you two didn't go on the stateline run with John? (It was a little short but fun) You two got other rides (Dirt Tramps) I'm surprised a couple veterans as Derick and yourself would get into gas problems. So do you have a map routed for the bachelor run? Anyway sounds like you had a great time and glad you have taken some pictures to share with us. :cry:

Dan that is a great write up. I’ve four-wheeled through these areas for many years and often talked about doing long distance trips to the river and back by motorcycle. Well now that I’ve started riding again you’ve really piqued my interest in doing this. Our plan, many years ago, was to establish drop points with gas and water that we could hit on the way out and back. If there was enough interest in something like this I would enjoy being involved.

Congrats on your pending marriage.

Nice pictures Dan.

The woodchuck said another 6 weeks until we can ride.

Rode Cali in the early 90's. If your in the Carolina's, let's hook up for a tight ride!


Great post, great ride. I dream of going on rides like that one. You get props for venturing into the unknown and going for it. I guess I have zero chancing of having the tank capacity to do that ride on my 05 WR 450 with a stock tank. Anyway, thanks for sharing your adventure with us. On the popping WR's: I've read that the only way to fully eliminate popping is to plug the AIS system.

Charles,True, the WR needs a bigger tank for long rides, there's just no way around it. I did remove the AIS the week I got my bike. My bike runs pretty smooth but not perfect. As soon as I get a pipe I'm gonna fine tune the carb and play around with some different combos in jetting. I'm gonna put in the 04 needle tomorrow and see how she runs. Now that the suspension is all broken in I'm gonna start trying some clicks, what the heck..

Thumper dad

If you get off the 15 at Afton Canyon, there's a USFS camp ground there. Also, if you get off at outlet center drive, there is a big outlet mall that should be fairly secure parking. There's a Flying J a truck stop as well. There's also the Callico Ghost Towm guessed it...Ghost Town Road that should be fairly secure to lave the truck over the weekend.

What we do, tho, is have the significant others follow us in trucks (at least 2!) along the Mojave Road (a two track truck trail that's well marked and fairly easy 4WD) and provide gas, sag support, lunch, and some lovin' in Laughlin. Works great!

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