license plate holder

just wondered how you guys hang your license plate from the back of your wr.

i dont really want to make anything, but is there anything you can buy.

Scotts has my favorite LP holder....

I think mine is made by baja designs. I picked it up at performance cycle in Denver, I think it was about $30. Rob, the owner, had one on his and showed it to me. Looks good.

Cheers guys thanks for your help, but does any one know if acerbis or polisport make anything. I received mine the other day. Nice piece, bolt on deal, ...smitty

This is the best one by far. The reason is that it supports the entire plate and not just the top. I can't count how many I've bent, twisted, and tweaked my plate because it only bolts on at the top. It even bends up on the big jump landings too...I really need to get one of these. :cry:

Scotts makes a really nice aluminum one that bolts onto the stock 3 bolts under the light. I have one and I love it.

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