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Snorkels out but how do you gauge RPM?

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Got snorkels out.....though i did hose up and break the little bit of plastic that seperates the 2 snorkels :cry:. DOH! Hope that was nothing to important structurally or I may have to try to epoxy it together!

Also I have heard optimal idles.........I think 1900-2000rpm roughly list around here. Dumb question how do you messure RPM with no tach? :cry:

Lastly with grey wire mod.....is the low end hurt at the epensive of mid and top? Have YZ throttle screw, baffle out and snorkels freshly out. Need to change out fuel screw with the red one though.

Lastly I have an 05 WR250 and I see the black idle adjustment but the manual shows a screw in the black knob..what is it and should i be concerned? Mixture screw for idle?

Of to check out this latest mod.....

IMS 3.0 gal tank comming in any day.......hope install is not to big A pain.

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