Kickstarter on XR650L

Has anyone added a kickstart to their 'L' model? It looks as though the right case can be milled for a seal, or possibly a right case from a XR600R used? I am not sure what the differences inside where the shaft lies on a 600R, I would not think much. Anybody have any experience with this mod?

That would be the NX650 that the XRL shares the internals with for a kickstarter. Do a search here with that term, or go to and check there. It's not pretty but like the battery to airbox mod it can be done.

If memory serves me right there is an English guy going around north Africa on an XRL as we speak, and he has added a kickstart to his bike as a battery back up.He has pictures of it and all that. I think I found him under the Horizons Unlimited web site. Good luck.

The XR600R kickstarter bits will work, but it does require cracking the cases.

One of the things that gets replaced is one of the transmission shafts.

You can use an XR600R clutch cover, or machine the blank in the stock cover.


Thanks for the input and the leads. I like having a kickstart, as the possibility of being in the mud between two hills with a dead battery on a 300 lb.+ bike does not conjure up visions of excitement....

I'd like kickstart as a back up as well. I was eating batteries on my old 750. I just know to use a battery tender now to keep it fully juiced. :cry:

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