Maybe the BRP doesn't have to go...

Thanks to all for your responses.

I must have a love/hate relationship with this bike. I'm certainly influenced by reliability, like someone said, ride it then park it.

I left it running to warm up after a cold start the other day, got distracted with the kids, when I came back 15 minutes later, it was roaring away, (had the pilot screw in a bit) and I think the exhaust pipes were glowing a little red. Guess it wouldn't be good to do that to a newer, more high tech bike....

Anyone have any crazy ideas for putting on my own electric start? Surely someone has tried. I can't see spending a thousand bucks to put e-start on a bike that's worth 1500-2000 dollars.

yeah-you wouldn't want to do that with any other bike!!!

Actually i give my pig a real good warm up befor riding around 10 minutes but my idle adj. aint off. These things warm up like a frriggen marine deisel!!!

keep the bike man they are the best!!!


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