Cam Chain Tensioner Installation

After reading all the concern about the came chain Tensioner on my 2000 model, I? went ahead and ordered the updated automatic one from Suzuki. I want to install it myself. Are there any instructions printed? It looks pretty easy, but I want to read up on it first.

Remove the old ACCT:

Loosen the big bolt (and the spring behind it) on the ACCT. Now loosen the 2 little bolts that hold the ACCT in the engine, pull it out. Be careful of the acct gasket, I tore mine up while doing this.

Now you can count the clicks left, just pull on the acct arm and count the remaining clicks. This should give you an idea of the condition of your chain.

EDIT: I just realized you said you had a '00 model ACCT, so the removal of it may be a little different.

Install the new ACCT:

Remove the big bolt, take out the spring, open the ratchet mechanism with your finger and push the arm in. You don't want to install the acct when it isn't fully retracted.

Then use the 2 little bolts to bolt it to your engine, together with the gasket.

Insert the spring, and push it in slowly, just to make sure evrything is normal, and put the big bolt back in. I would suggest you remove the cilinder head cover to double check evrything, just to be sure the chain isn't loose, or the timing has changed (I highly doubt that).

ya should get the manual cam chain tensioner from machinist, one of our TTer here.


I agree with the MCCT.... no more worries....and it looks sweet :cry:

The instructions from Machinest are very clear. I did the long install which calls for removal of the valve cover, but there is a shorter way. I removed my oil tank, but others seem able to do the op w/o pulling it. No biggie if you have to.

I checked my valves while I was in there. Unless you've done this, you may as well also. It only adds a few seconds and even if you are in spec, it'll give you a datum to know when things are begining to move.

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