2001 426 auto decompression HotCam

I had just recently bought a 2001 yz426f. I have heard that this bike has a lot of engine break, and when you are hitting jumps the front end tends to dive down if not on the gas. (because of the engine break) I have also heard that its so bad its dangerous. So asked around and a few guys said to get an Auto Decompression cam from HOT CAMS. So what i am asking is....Will this cam take away some engine break? and Will i be able to take out/off the decompression lever?

thanks -JD

Yes you can remove the lever,

But get a T.T. billet decomp plug for the hole.

Engine braking,I don`t know mines in four wheels with no problems.

Thank you.

what do u mean yours in 4 wheels?

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