reassembling rear wheel

I took my rear wheel off for the first time since buying my 2000 WR a few months ago, and now that I'm reassembling the bike it seems like I've lost some pieces because it's very loose in the swingarm and when I try and tighten the axle nut to the torque specs, it really just seems to pinch the swingarm. I've got the two wheel collars (#19 on the parts fiche for the rear wheel) in place, the brake caliper bracket is in there, and I don't see any other spacers that I don't have. I feel like I'm going nuts. I've changed plenty of rear wheels in streetbikes ... is there just something different that I'm supposed to be doing for the dirtbike?

Are you missing #2? There is a spacer that goes between the bearings. If you didn't pull the bearings, it should still be in there, but maybe double check.

yeah, it's still there. I hadn't pulled the bearings, but I just yanked the wheel to double check anyway.

Have you got the washer beheind the nut ?

yep ... everything that's on the parts diagram appears to be there. Am I just wrong in assuming that there is a solid point that should be hit when tightening down the axle nut? It's embarassing, but I am almost at the point where I'm just going to drag it down to the local shop to have them put the rear wheel back on while I watch.

As you torque it down, does the wheel still turn or does it begin to bind at some point?

It starts binding ... I never seem to reach the point where the nut actually begins to torque. Instead, it just keeps pulling the axle through until the wheel binds.

This may help. You'll need to enter steps 1-3 but this will give you a picture of how it should be assembled. Print a copy and take it to the garage with you. Good Luck.

Iiis the calipper anchor in the groove? Caliper and pads on the rotor?

May also help if you could post some pictures. One thing that comes to mind is the axle clocking. Make sure that the end opposite the nut is seated into the chain adjuster properly.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I feel even more embarassed now than if I had actually lost a spacer ... it wasn't something I lost, it was something I added. A sprocket, a bigger sprocket ... I took the entire thing apart and as I was putting it back together I finally realized that the sprocket was binding in the chain guard.

I need better lighting in my garage. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Still, it seems odd that the sprocket would actually bind up in that guard. Is that normal when you go to a larger sprocket?

How big of a sprocket did you go?

When adding a bigger sprocket it does pull the wheel farther foward as your chain is only so long. Never had that problem when going bigger. your chain must have less links than mine and your ajusters must be turned all the way out

or in (witch ever way you look at it) to put the wheel that far foward.

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