HELP!!!! Bike won't start.

Just got used 2000 WR. The bike won't start for me. It's been about 25 degrees here. Had no problems when it was warmer out.

ok its cold. turn you throttle 1\4.quick 1\4 then release.yes full choke. you knew that.then push down kicker until hard then slight release with compression.bring kicker all the way back up. then push like hell and start your bike. its easy and cold sould not be a problem. mrmtm

This is exactly what I've been doing. It will sometimes backfire and sputter but won't start up. I know there was some carb work done to it. Could this be the culprit. The carburation seemed fine when it was warmer.


change your spark plug and it will fire right up!

When it's very cold (25f), my 98 wr400 needs a few kicks with the choke OFF, then when it turns over a few times, I put the choke on and it starts right up. My bike NEVER starts with any throttle. It floods immediately. The friend that I bought it from taught me to leave my hand on the bar (off the throttle) when I start it.

Just my .02.


Didn't get an owners manual. Anyone wanna tell what plug I need to get so I don't have to freeze my a** off pulling the old one.

You need a NGK CR8E. To save yourself another trip at a later date go ahead and buy a few of them.

My yzf usally takes about 3or4 1/4throtle blips before I start is or it won't start. Even then it lights and dies and then I give it a couple more until it finally keeps running and warms up.

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