seperated shoulder

Has anyone seperated their shoulder? I did it yesterday. My shoulder now sits about an inch lower than normal. I saw an orthapedic doctor today and he says to wear a sling and let it go. Is this normal practice? How long should I expect to do down? The realy crappy part is that it wasnt even done on my bike. What a waste of a good injury.



Yeah, I seperated mine in a bicycle accident. They have three degrees. Mine was a second degree and it healed up on its own. It took about a year to feel normal, but I was 36.

Nick, sorry to hear about your shoulder,man! First the ankle, now this.

Hope it doesn't ruin the rest of your (riding) summer!


Junior, Junior, Junior,

You kids are something else :D Did you do it in the canoe race :D

I have seperated mine twice. Once at your age, heeled pretty quick and once at 35, took forever to heal and has never been the same since. I have gotten back to strength by lifting very easy, stretching and adding weight slowly, very slowly. But I still can't sleep on that side of my body. It seems like it wants to slide out :)

Take it easy, ask your orthopede about stretching and excercises for rehabing.


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Thanks guys. I may be putting the Michigan trip off again.

Actually, the cannoe race went quite well. We finished in second, but after the race a bunch of friends and I had a softball game. Hadn't even been drinking yet and I dove for a ball and stuck my shoulder in the ground(I did catch the ball though). I would have much rathered a good wreck on my 400.

Thanks again



Originally posted by npuzajr:

...I would have much rathered a good wreck on my 400.

But then you'd have to fix your bike...

I did my shoulder in skiing 2 years ago and it took a good year to heal. It took 3 months before I could sleep though the night and not wake to the pain reminding me not to sleep on my side. There's not much you can do about it.

I hope there was a good story to go with it...


I did my left shoulder about 6 years ago. It still hangs an inch lower than the other side. The doc told me to wear a sling and let it go. He said I may possibly require surgery in my later years. I am guessing around Bill's age :). My shoulder feels fine, no problems, just looks a little funny.


Thats exactly what my doctor said. Let it go, youll have a big bump, and they can perform a surgery if need be when I get old. I have a lot of years before I hit Gramps age though.

00', thats the worse part of it. The story is pretty lame.

John H,

Thanks for the link. Im gonna do some more research today. Im still al little worried because the ER doctor kinda scared me. He said I had three choices... 1. wear a regular sling for 4 weeks and hope for the best... 2. wear some other kind of sling for 8 weeks.. or 3. get surgery and get it fixed right the first time. I think I may go get a second opinion.




I got a second opinion and it was the same as the first. The second gut recomended against surgery. My shoulder feels just as good as the other one. I have had zero problems with it once it healed. They are a strange injury. I remember it feeling fine and went Mtn. Biking and too a good jolt just from landing a jump and the pain was incredible. Give it time . It took me 6 or 8 weeks, something like that.

How's the ankle? Feeling better than the shoulder I bet. You are having a rough summer.

yeah, I guess you could call it a rough summer. I asked the doctor about the ankle while I was there. He said the swelling will eventually go back down. He said it was a bad sprain and may take a couple more months. I hope my shoulder heals as well as yours.



good luck, Captain Smashmyselfup.

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