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Generic Wheel Set Dilemma

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Hey Guys,

A few months ago I posted my sad story here on TT about being one of the fools that was duped into doing business with that shady character Tom Orlando (426Thumper) before he got booted off of TT. He sold me what he claimed to be a Talon/Excel wheel set and it turned out to be some generic knock off stuff. The problem I ran into was that the front wheel assembly while a Honda hub pattern did not fit my 2004 CRF450 at all. The hub offset spacing is completely wrong and the caliper and rotor will not align (approximately 1/4" off). The rear assembly seemed to bolt right up and align properly but the bolt holes to mount the rotor were too large (I'm told that an aftermarket rotor like Galfer will work). The hubs are made by a company here in Gardena california called DNA. I spoke to their general manager who was of little help. He said that they made a couple hundred prototype hubs mostly for Yamahas but also some that fit Hondas. He says that did not keep part # interchangeability records (sounds like BS to me) but that he believed the hubs were designed to fit a mid 90's CR250. But he really didn't know and didn't care. So here is my dilemma, I finally broke down and bought a set of real Talons and Excels and the knock off versions are sitting in my garage as a testimony to my foolishness (I now have over $2200 invested in wheel sets between the knockoffs and the real ones). I'd like to recover some of my losses and sell the knockoffs at a firesale price (of course I'm being honest about what they are unlike the #$*$^*@&! that sold them to me). Given the distinct Honda bolt pattern and the fact that the rear would seem to work on a CRF with an aftermarket rotor, I believe they must fit some model of Honda. They are nice looking black rims with red hubs and heavy duty spokes. The rear is an 18" rim for cross-country use. I will sell them cheap. In fact I will separate them if necessary. I will also allow somebody here in SoCal to come pick them up, take them and try them on their bike. If they fit, pay me an agreed upon price. If they don't, return them to me without obligation. I trusted the first guy who sold them to me, so why not trust somebody who wants to try to make them work.

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