canadian wr426 jetting help!

There are so many posts on jetting here I'am getting confused.

Please help narrow it down.

My engine stumbles badly aprox.1/8-1/4 throttle. 0-1000' , over 5000' it is almost unrideable.

-'01 wr426 canadian model

-FMF power core IV

-air box cover removed

-wr timing

-stock jetting

-42 pilot -1 7/8 turns out

-DQR needle 4th clip

-165 main

-200 main air jet

-75 pilot air jet

P.S. local dealer will not look at the bike unless it is stock.

FIND A NEW DEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try a leaner clip position. The "Q" in DQR gets the taper on the needle cut very high (rich) and the leaner clip position will move the needle down closer to an acceptable range for high altitude riding.

Q-R-S-T-U-V are 1/2 clip each

You are using DQR clip #4, equivalent to DVR#6+(1/2). Looks like DQR#3 or #2 would be better.

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