XR650R - HRC Cam

I know that the full HRC Power Up Kit includes the uprated cam chain along with the sprockets, guides, and tensioner. My question is whether the HRC cam can be used by itself, IE; is it compatible with the stock sprockets and chain. I would think so but in researching old posts I ran into one post that said the new chain and implements were required when using the cam. Can't imagine that Honda would change the positioning of the cam's sprocket flange offset or index the attach holes differently than the stock piece. Thanks.

The HRC cam probably has a higher lift, which would put more stress on the stock chain as it pushes against the rockers at a steeper angle.

I just tore down my stock brp and found significant wear to the chain, therefor I will probably opt for the HRC chain and sprockets with the stock cam.


the short answer is :

you can run the cam either with or without the HRC chain.

BUT- the chains do wear. Its one of those parts--like the crank--that most casual 650R enthusiasts dont have to worry about....but if you are an on-the- gas kind of guy, then its worth considering the upgrade. The chain, gears, and both sliders are not cheap...

I raced two seasons with a aftermarket cam. Tore the engine down and found one of the stock chain links was half-cracked....

now i have the full HRC set up, works good.

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