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Water Pump Part #'s

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What are the exact part #'s needed to replace the water pump seals, bearings, and all the other "stuff" in there to stop the leak of coolant out of the weep hole? This is what I was thinking....

Water Pump Shaft

P# 19241-MEB-670


Bearing (12X28X7)

P# 91001-KA4-003


Oil Seal (12X22X5)

P# 91201-965-000


Seal, Water Pump

P# 91211-KA3-761


Washer (7MM)

P# 90447-KE1-000


Gasket, R. Cover

P# 11394-MEB-670


I want to be safe and get the Right side crank cover gasket, and the water pump shaft. Do i need the washer? That should be it, correct?

Also, what do you guys think of the CRT SS Oil Filter. Any better or worst than the Scott's Performance? Definently cheaper, but otherwise? Its $40

from rocky mountain...Thanks for the help, Pete :cry:

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I just finished rebuilding my water pump on my 02, and all of the part #'s you listed are right on. I assume you are leaking out of the weep hole? If so, and replacing these parts doesn't fix it, let me know because I had to tear into it a little farther to fix the problem and I can maybe save you some time/money.


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