Smoken 600 At Start Up

My 95 XR 628 is smoking 30 seconds after start up,in about 3 minutes it goes away.When you get back an it sit for 20 minute or more it will do it again.Now we have had it on the kick stand,standing up straight and leaning to the right.It does not matter.The valves have just been reset,Then we took it out ran fine,the next day rode again fell no damage but it started to smoke after that.Any or all ideas.Thanks Donn

Sounds like some bad valve seals to me. I've had experience with bad valve seals, my 83 600 I had to replace them ,72 Torino replaced them. You leave it sit the oil drains down in to the cylinder burns off then is fine until it sits long enough to get enough oil in to make enough smoke so you to notice it.A little oil never hurt anything so for now I'd just wait until you are pulling it apart anyways to put them in.

Yep! Valve Seals :cry:

I believe you both to be right,Now never doing this but being mechanical,would you do this at home or send it to a shop and pay 300 big ones

I would reccomend that you reasd through the manual and see if you understand everything and if you do go for it. If not then I've heard Ken's cycle in Mesa has a good reputation for honest, quality work.

Hey thanks for your help,We are going to remove the head and the shop will redo the valves and seals for under 75.00.Should be back riding soon,THANKS Again

Donn :cry:

hope there doing the valve job for that price i would do the valve job and put on new seals for 40.00

Yes we are going to do a valve job and the seals .Got The head off last night without any problems.Well except I was pull the head off and my friend was holding the timing chain well you get the idea.I was amazed at all the oil in the left front corner under the valve cover,No drain hole on the left side.whats up with that.Hey Thanks again for the support

Donn :cry:

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