Need louvered front fender XR600?!?

I have a Acerbis louvered front fender on my '87 XR600 that I need to replace. I don't know if this fender was specific to this bike or not. Was the stock fender louvered?

Does anyone make a louverd front fender for these anymore (Acerbis does not list them)? Is a louvered fender necessary for cooling?

I'm going to be carrying a front fender tube pack so the fender needs to be sturdy. Any suggestions? I'm impressed with the Maier MX rear fender I just bought --it is stout, maybe to stout (won't flex much).


Look on the Acerbis site and look at the supermotard fender. It's louvered. Is that it? The Tecnik also looks louvered.

It's not the supermotard fender...It looks just like a XR400/600 fender .....I think I just found it on the Acerbis's called the Baja - under their universal section.

try UFO ,they have one :cry:

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