02 WR246 Graphics; Who's got em ?

I have looked at all of the on line vendor catalogues (that I know of) and the 02 WR Graphic kits are nowhere to be found. Does anyone know who might have some left overs? The white portion of the stock graphic looks like I've been peeing on it for the last year.


Any graphic kits from 98-02 will work on your 426. Only very minor trimming around the mounting points for the radiator shrouds may be needed. Otherwise, no problems.

Go here


They have killer graphics for our WR's :cry:

Wah man! This site is cool! Very nice graphics! I'll order a kit as soon as my bank account recovers from the add ups of this winter :cry:

They are quite pricey though... how does this compares to Factory effex quality?

Pricey is right.... I once bit the bullet and started to order a set for my ride. The prices are high but when I got to the checkout and they added another extraordinary cost for shipping and handling from a state away :cry: I backed out. Nice looking stuff and I am by no means cheap but with these guys each order should come with a tube of KY. :cry:

Thats good stuff. Pricey is right. Anyone know about the quality of these products? I don't mind paying for quality.

Thanks for the tip


I bought a brand new set of GTY-R graphics for my old WR426F last summer on ebay. Looked real close to the OE design, but much more rugged and had some logos for FOX and Yamalube on it. Check ebay from time to time. I got it from a dealer who was selling it. He had quite a few sets.

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