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Snell Approved Helmets

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I have recently ordered two different youth helmets that were advertised as Snell 2000 Certified, only to find out on receipt that it is only the adult version of the helmets I purchased that are Snell approved.

Another member had recently posted some information about the snell website. I visited this site and have posted several links below to the site that provide some info, what the Snell Stickers looks like, and an up to date list of all helmets that are Snell certified including Youth Helmets.

I don't know that the youth helmets that are Snell certified are any better than any of the many quality youth helmets that are not Snell certified. However, I now know which youth helmets have met the Snell standard.

If your helmet is Snell approved it will have a goldish brown Snell sticker inside the helmet. You may have to dig around to find it. Thanks for all of the information you members share.


http://www.smf.org/ Snell Website

http://www.smf.org/cert.html Snell Sticker

http://www.smf.org/certlist/std_M2000_M2005.html Certified Helmet List

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Helmet manufacturers don't have to submit their products for Snell certification, but most of the major ones do for marketing purposes, if nothing else. Personally I will not buy a helmet that isn't Snell certified.

The old Bell MotoStar series from the 70's and early 80's (before the company name was sold to whoever has it now and started putting out junk) we all Snell certified, even the kids sizes. Since my kids are well into adulthood (I'm gonna be a grandpa soon), I haven't looked at the current crop of youth helmets.

Good for you to be looking out for your son's well-being for checking on the helmets! :cry:



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I just finished reading an interview in Feb. Motorcycle Consumer News with Harry Hurt. Harry Hurt is the man to go to about helmets. In a nut shell he say that the DOT helmet is a good helmet and may even reduce injury to the wearer because they are a softer helmet inside. The Snell helmet is a much harder stiffer helmet to stand up to the heavier Snell test. If this makes no sense to you, get a copy of MCN Feb. 2005 and read the Hurt article. Very interesting.

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Every Snell helmet that I've seen is also DOT.

The SNELL tests are more difficult then the DOT helmets. I pesronally have been wearing SNELL helmets since day one (Arai Quantum F street bike helmet), and it has saved my life when my head went 45mph vs a curb. Like they said, you only have one head.. and more importantly that head is responsable for the rest of your body. :cry:

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It's certainly not difficult to get DOT approval, just look at the approved pudding bowls that Harley riders wear. :cry:

Something to consider with kids helmets- kids will have less inertia when hitting something. They weigh less and are usually going slower than adults. Usually by the time they're really going fast they fit into an adult S or XS. A "softer" DOT approved helmet might actually be better, in theory at least.

That said, my son's first helmet (at 3yrs old) was DOT only. His new M2R Youth XL (now 6yrs old) is Snell 2000 and DOT approved.

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It's certainly not difficult to get DOT approval, just look at the approved pudding bowls that Harley riders wear. :cry:

they sell dot stickers at harley festivals people. people slap em on illegle helmets tp cover their asses with the popo

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I wear a Shoei top of the line X11 on the street, it is DOT/Snell and the lightest helmet I have ever worn and hope I never have to test it. In the dirt I us my old Shoei street helmet, it works fine and it already smells from all the summer road use, it is also DOT/Snell. I agree that there is never enough protection for your head or any other part of your body. My daughters dirt helmet is DOT/ Snell as well. The beanies that the 1%'ers wear are novelty helmets with no more than a baseball cap lining. There is no brain protection. In the MSF classes I teach I have one of the beanies and I pass it around then I pass around a DOT fullface, then I stick the Bernie inside the full face and everyone laughs, I hope they get the message! Stay safe!!

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