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DR650SEV problem solved.

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Guys, for the past few months. my DR650 had been suffering from a problem that puzzled me for a long time. It will just cut off it's engine speed down to idle and sometimes even lower then that while running on the roads or just idling at traffic lights. it will refuse to rev up no matter what u do to it. At 1st I suspected my fuel supply. but i took out my tank and cleaned it inside out, adjusted the carb float level. done all that I could but just couldn't solve the problem.

Last nite. I took it apart again and fitted everything back. ran it and the problem came. there's this sharp sound from the bike. I suspected electrics and went on to measure the voltage of the batt when the engine is running and refused to rev up. 17.12V! overcharging! i kept the voltmeter on the batt till i see the voltage dropped back to 14.20V. Now the engine can rev up. :cry:

Went down to the parts store and picked up a rectifier. fitted it on and rode it home. so far no problem. Should be prob solved.

DR650 owners pls take note.

will update if my diagnosis failed me. :cry:

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