Conv. motor oil temp breakdown

Anybody know at what temperature conventional motor oil starts to have trouble and breakdown. On Mobil 1 synthetic it says on the bottle 400 degrees. I run Castrol 20-50 and wonder how it does at 300 degrees on my temp dipstick in extreme conditions. Thanks in advance.

an Amsoil brochure I read claimed petroleum oil starts breaking down at 300 degrees ...

If your XR is running at 300 degrees something is not right. I would try adjusting your jetting. If it is an XRL, 250 degrees is about as hot as it should get, an XRR should be even less.

Just my experience.


If your oil temp is 300 dgrees ,something IS wrong.. :cry::cry:

Thats to hot,The oil is basicly trashed at that temp.

250 and the dino oil is junk and your motor is not far behind------that is why the syn stuff is the way to go,----on a good set up race motor we will see 300 degrease in the oil, -------1250 to 1400 2 " after the exhaust port.----and you dont want to know how hot the clutch gets -------you have to run syn these days--------but if your bike is stock it should not get that hot.

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