Will This Tire Fit My '87 XR600?

A buddy of mine gave me a brand new tire he's had kicking around in his garage but I'm not familiar with the numbering on it and was wondering if it would be ok on my bike.

The tire on it now is a Bridgestone 100/110 - 17. The new tire is a Cheng Shin (sp?) 5.30 - 17. Looks like it might be a wider tire. I'd rather not spend the money to have it mounted if it won't work. Any ideas?



I'm pretty sure those had an 18" rim. I could be wrong. If I'm right then it will not fit. Width and height are only partial to the swingarm/exhaust rubbing. If the rim size is right virtually the sky is the limit with width and how tall the tire is.

'87 last year of the 17" rim. Correct tire size is 5.10, I don't think an extra tenth on each side will matter.

I got a friend who did the baja 500 on cheng shin's!!!

he said they wore pretty good, better thana lot of priceyer tires!!!

My 87 XR600 was a 17" rear. I still have a brand new, never been mounted cheng shin and no bike to put it on, since I traded my XR600. They were a very inexpensive tire. I know nothing about how they wear but you can have it. I don't know what they cost to ship but I don't need it. :cry:

I have an '86 XR600 with 17" rear wheel. I run 5.60 X 17 tire with no rubbing.

Im running a 5.30 x 17 chicken shiit on my 87 xr600 no problems. Its a good inexpensive tire.

i run that tire fits good, super soft, great traction,and cheep $ 37.00

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