Anyone Riding This Weekend?

Hey All,

Just thought I would throw out an invite to anyone who will be in the desert this weekend to stop by our camp at Dove Springs in Cali City and have a cold one or two!! :cry: Its a gonna be a fun time :cry::cry::cry:

If I was visiting my parents in So Cal I would. One of these days Ill be down. I want to do the Elsinore race and there is another one I cant remember.

I'll be at Hollister all weekend, have fun in the sun.

Next weekend either Rasor or Ocotillo not sure yet.

Hey, thanks for the invite.... I'll be down that way. Mabee we can get a ride in. I'm not sure whether I'm gunna take my YZ or WR though. I'm not sure I can trust the wiring on my WR... :cry::cry::cry:

Going to Stoddard Wells. Good riding. :cry: I do like California City better, but it is not to be. :cry:

I love Cal City, but this weekend is the first race of the year for the Big 6 GP Series. Its in Taft. My first race on the new WR! Can't wait!

Cuddyback or Cadilac Rd,I hear Cuddyback has some big puddles and I don't have 4-wheel drive :cry: so probably Cadilac south of water tower :cry:


What a great ride! Took a trip from Dove Springs to Randsburg Appox 35 miles. 1st time I rode since the mods and I can tell you that the suspension mods were well worth the money. :cry: What a difference in the front forks going over all those whoops in the desert (wash outs too!!) Didn't like the 1/2 throttle running-seems to cut out alot and I think its due to the 175 main the dealer put in-Too much! I got Lowedogs kit the day we were leaving and didn't put it in but the dealer stated they had blocked off the AIS-I'm not sure but I still had alot of backfiring. Going to put in Lowedogs kit myself-My buddy had his new 450 and after riding mine with the JD Jetting-he was impressed with the snappier throttle. Easy to pull his stock bike:thumbsup: Wide open this bike screams!!!! Trip cut short because his son did a digger off of a dropoff and broke ankle in two spots and also broke his wrist :cry: Airlifted out from Dove Springs and doing good. Anyway, wouldn't trade this bike for nothing. And for those of you wondering-- WR stands for Wicked Ride :cry::cry: Nothing like the Californee Desert! :cry:

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