Devol Radiator Guards

Hey Fellow TTers,

I recently put on a set of Devol Radiator Guards (wish I know about the Rooster guards) and I'm wondering how much is going to get through them in terms of dirt and debris. It is a pretty open pattern. Has anyone had any issues with this?? I chopped up my stock plastic guards and zip tied them to the front of the devol guards. It looks stock and I think it will add an extra degree of protection.

What do you guys think? I pretty much just ride motocross and I'm an all weather / conditions rider.

If you ride at pig farms they will get plugged up. :cry:

No matter what you do you will always need some air to cool your radiator. To fix a radiator is cheaper than overheating your engine. Just my .02

Well, my only concern with the guards is that too much dirt/mud will get into the radiator and block air.

I have them on my bike and never had any problems with it. I guess if you are in a mud pit need to check it more.

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