03 electric start probs!

Just got a 03 wr450, after mods happy w/bike, except for electric start. I've ridden twice and the electric start works 50% @ best. Is this a starter prob.? Battery? Help.

I've got a new '05 and mine has quit w/ only 32 miles on it. Probably a loose wire... :cry: I'll have to check it out. Still under warrantee tho :cry:

I have an 04 that came with a defective battery. If that seems to be the problem then just replace it. Could it be in the starter button on the handlebar? If the contact gets dirty or corroded it will not work consistently. I would get some dialectic grease and put it on all the electrical connections on the bike. I did this with mine when it was new. Hope this helps!

Welcome to TT. Check your battery first. The first year my 03 started just fine anywhere and everywhere, but now the battery needs to be charged if I let it sit around for a few weeks. There are some other starter issues for the 03's. Use the TT search engine. Wealth of knowledge here. :cry:

What is the best way to "work up" an electric start prob? Mine quit shortly after a crash that broke off the wire on right hand brake which goes to the tail light. I keep my bike on a battery tender and the bat is good, so I know that is not the issue. I am having to kick the thing every time. There is not even a noise with the button now.

Mine is '05

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