Uneven brake pad wear

The outer rear brake pad on my 2000 yz426 is almost gone, but the inner is almost at full thickness.

Anyone else experiencing this uneven wear?

I am.

Think I may swap the pads around, rather than buy a new set. Whadayareckon?

You cant swap them around, they only go in one way.

Thats a great idea!!!!Let me know how it works out, :cry:

Check the caliper pins. The caliper has one "hot", or "live", or driven pad, and one "cold", "dead", or fixed pad. In order for both pads to bear against the rotor with the same pressure, the caliper needs to be able to slide fairly freely on the mounting pins. If they're dirty or binding, the result is uneven wear. A certain inequality is going to be unavoidable, but they shouldn't be radically different.

Push the driven pad back into the caliper with a screwdriver (carefully) and see how well the caliper slides. Pump the pedal/lever gently a few times to puush the piiston back out whenyou're done checking.

You cant swap them around, they only go in one way.

Good point!

Thanks grayracer. I'll try that.

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