Selling the '98 much?

hey guys. i have a friend i ride with who is going to be getting an '05 or '06 yz250f this summer. before he does that he wants to sell his '98 yz400f. before you ask why he's not getting a 450, its because he's new to racing and wants to start in the 125 class. the bike has been maintained well, and is in very good working condition, and everything is in spec. the problem is he doesn't have a clue how much its worth. i thought you guys could help me out. thanks.

I just parted mine out on Evil-Bay (98YZ400F street legal). Was VERY SURPRISED at the results$$$

With good photos, good parts, and an honest posting, you can expect anywhere from $2500-$3200. Don't forget to subtract about $130 to list it, and 9% out the back door for "transaction fees" and Paypal fees. The only downside is the TONS OF EFFORT to ship the parts. It took a lot more time than I ever imagined! Still was well worth my time!

Not sure I liked the idea of killing a perfectly good bike, but I'll get over it$$$$ :cry:

I boutht mine for 2000, about 3 months ago. It was from a guy that I work with. It still has the original tires on it. before I bought it I checked and it said 2000-2700.

thanks guys. i think he'll be surprised as to how much he'll probably get for it.

bought mine in november for $2400, seen them anywhere from $2200 to $2800 here in the northwest, but I think it depends on where you're at. you can check kelly blue book's or the and get some ideas, too.

hey i got mine for 1900,he wanted 2400. i think i got a good has pro taper bars and skid plate :cry:

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