Clarke 4.3 and dual petcock

Hey Everybody,

Is it possible to put another petcock on the other side of a Clarke 4.3 gallon tank? I am too lazy to lay the bike over and was wondering. Would there be a fit issue with the Edelbrock carb? Thanks, Tony

Heard of guys installing a pipe thread to barbed 90 fitting. Then take a line off that to a T fitting that picks up the petcock.Won't let you turn the fuel off with out an inline petcock though.My old 72 CZ had a line on each side. :cry:

its a bit of a reach to get the lines past the carb...either stock or edelbrock.

i run two lines off my acerbis tank. ended up going over the carb in the front, tying to a T and then to the carb.

trick is going to be getting the petcock into the tank. try drilling? heat? some of the new plastic fix might hae to experiment...try calling Clark? they are very nice and helpfull.

You can always buy a second stock petock and o-ring seal from Honda Service Parts. I really like your idea, if you get it working let me know cause I will wanna do the same thing.

I have the Clarke 4.3 and I'm interested to know how you make out too. Let us know.

You have to watch when you're doing something like this. There is a reason why the right side of the tank is higher. You don't want to have a supply in the tank to the carb lower than the present one. If you do, the gas may not have sufficient head pressure to keep the carb full of gas. A line that goes from the left side to the right side of the tank and use the present outlet to the carb should be ok.

I had thought about that but it seems like it would be too much of a pain to do :cry::cry:

I'll just lean the bike over :cry:

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