Aluminum Throttle tube?

Hey guys...i need a new throttle tube....was thinking about going with one of those aluminum ones.....someone once told me not to get aluminum cuz if you crash it can bend and your screwed, ive always had plastic ones and they just seem to wear out, get scored, crack.......

is there any problems with aluminum throttle tubes.....

The people telling you that are correct. They can dent. Mine never has, but it could be possible.

I have to keep it very clean on the handlebars. If you dont, the throttle action becomes terrible!

Overall, mine has been ok. I would have a hard time paying 50.00 for it. That would buy 10 of the plastic motion pro tubes.

I've got one also. It is totally possible that it could be bent on a crash and you would be screwed. However mine has not yet, and since I crash a lot :cry: I think it was worth the money. I got the works connection one.

There is not a lot of space between the bar and the throttle tube. So denting it is highly unlikely. You have to remember the tolerances there.

I have the ProTaper unit with the bearings in it to reduce the friction. Works great, you do have to clean and lube it every so often. You get a bit more vibration through the aluminum unit, but still nothing like a 2 stroke.


I have had the Motion Pro on my '02 since I got the bike , June of 2002. I have dropped the bike and slid on the throttle side numerous times. If I hit hard enough to dent the tube I figure I have much more serious problems than a stuck throttle. :cry:


ok thanx guys for the input i'll think i'll look into the aluminum one, saw a protaper one for 19.99 on ebay..........also there is a works connection one i belive for 29.99 ....

what are the differences??

I have the Aluminum Throttle tube and i have never had any problems with it. I have crashed 100 times on that side, and i havent hurt it once. I bent my bars in half once and didnt hurt the tube....but the thing is like someone said up you have to keep it clean, just slide it off every now and again and clean the bar and the inside of the tube. Got to keep the action smooth.

-JD :cry:

Some of the aluminum tubes are just stock replacements, that is it.

Others like the Protapers have bearings in them to make the throttle action smoother.

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