what dose wr stand for

woods racer :cry:

okay, let's see if i can keep from screwing this up, yamaha sold the MX models up to 1975. the '75's were white and had the mono shock system. the 400 had a small bit of yellow in the tank logo and the 250 had a bit of red. they were MXB's. in '76, i believe, they all became YZ's and were painted yellow like the euro OW's. they put air chambers on top of the forks that looked like a tach and speedo around that time. before '75 the MX's weren't much more than mx versions of the DT/AT/CT style enduroes. most had a silver/grey tank. there was a SC500 in there also. 1972? very fast and very hard to ride. the story was that the SC stood for "scrambles".

the '73/'74 YZ250 was a special model. it was a replica of what the jones family had developed. (i hope every yamaha fan knows who gary and dewayne jones are) it cost right at $2000.00. alot of money for a "jap bike" at that time. it was very light and very fast. it had an silver/grey aluminum tank held on with a nylon strap. the damn thing still used dual rear shocks for about three inches of travel. ouch! there was also a YZ360 at about the same time. there were very few of them and i was told they were almost impossible to ride.

i've rambled enough. this thread about what WR stood for sure went in a different direction and i didn't help. if someone can fill in my gaps, please do.

My twin brother had a 1974 MX100, it had the yellow tank. And yes, in 75, the tank went white. It was a 2 springer! My twin also had the SC500 you speak of. It was a 1973, had the grey tank with the red stripe. It had the identical paint scheme as the MX's did in the early 70's. It was a 4 sp gear box and was an animal. Had a compression release that ran off the kickstarter. Would create a leak in the front of the head. I remember taking off in gravel in 3rd gear and did nothing but till soil for blocks. You could lug it down to almost a stall, then with any throttle, any gear, a roost of rocks as longs as a semi truck/trailer about 15 feet high. Not a bike you'd want to follow. He also had a 1981 IT 250, it was white. I belive this was the only year they were all white. I actually liked the white. Then they went back to the blue color. I like this old bike trivia/history. Brings back good memories.

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