Paddle on the BRP

Anyone run a paddle on the XR6fiddyR? I'm going for a weekend on sand dunes, first time on dunes (occasional sand patch on track, but that's not real sand now, is it?)

Fairly cheap - $110AUD, which is about normal for a dirt rear tyre. I think i'm answering my own question, i mean if you knew you were going to four-wheel-drive in nothin-but-mud then you would run mud tyres not road.

Just wonder what experiences people+pig have had in the sand.


Paddles are a lot of fun on the pig! You can get the 8 or a 10 cup. I've got both. I think the 8 makes a lot more sense. Less clearance issues, less weight, but that 10 cup sure hooks up but you might need some extra ponies to really spin it. I love riding in the sand!


Run an 8 cup and see what you think. Works pretty well I think.

Keep your weight back far, keep the throttle pinned, you have to keep the front wheel planing up on the sand. Once you get your speed going, it's ok, going slow is not so easy. . And, don't lean forward! The 650R has plenty of power for dunes, not quite as good as a CR500 or KX500 because of the extra weight, but it does well! It will climb anything! you will never run out of torque that's for sure.


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted

'04 KX500/fmfgnarly/vforce

I used to run an 8 cup on mine, worked well, lots of wheelies. I now run it with a knobbie tire because I own 2 bikes and don't feel like changing both tires. The 650 actually goes anywhere through the big dunes just fine w/ a knobbie, lots of power slides and it climbs most hills unless I make a mistake at the bottom and don't have the momentum to make the hill. However, a paddle is definately funner. I just a new 10 cup of my Service Honda CR500 AF for $43 at Chaparrel. I have yet to try it in the dunes (just got the bike) but the 10 cup should be the ticket for the 500.

It seems like running the paddle versus the knobbie on the 650 causes the air filter to get clogged quicker, so keep an eye on it. Anything over 2 days of duning might require a clean filter for better performance. Also I grease the perimeter of the airbox so sand doesn't get by the filter.

The reason I run a 10 paddle is not because it makes me go faster because it doesn't. It takes a little longer to hit plane. I run it be cause it keeps the rev's down. I do not like to rev the pis out of my XR680R and you can do that at the dunes with a 8 paddle or a knobbie if you are there for a few days.

Thanks for the info guys - i've ridden on a beach a while ago (well, about 7 years ago) when i had my 1990 TT350, and i remeber bogging down on take-off, but ok once you started moving. I'd say the best way to know what they're like is buy it - i'll have a look at maybe fabricating some extra guards to stop sand spray from getting the airfilter. Going up fri night, camp on beach, ride all day sat, ride sun morn then head home. A mate sposed to be bringing a video camera, so may have some footage :cry:

When i got a price they didn't say what cup it was - but 8 or 10 sounds like it will be ok. What pressures do you run front, and rear knobbie/paddle for sand?

I run the front real low, around 8 psi. There are no rocks at all where I go and it seems to help cornering on soft days. The rear paddle I run around 12 to 14 psi and a rear knobbie around 10 psi w/ the rim lock extra tight.

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