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Denver Noob--Jetting help, please.

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I know, I know....Another jetting thread....I promise I'll be brief.

First, I have NEVER messed with or bought anything for my 2001 DRZ E with respect to jetting. So, please be patient with me and tell me EVERYTHING I need to buy so I can re-jet (with some assistance, of course) this weekend.

I am living in Denver (Aurora, actually) and will of course be riding in some higher altitudes. I've seen varying opinions as to the ideal jetting combination. Please tell me every part I need to replace and what every setting should be.

Thanks alot. I know you're all sick of these jetting questions.


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snorkle out

145 main jet

dxp needle (stock)

5th clip (stock 4)

45 pilot (stock)

2.5 turns fuel screw

theres more varying altitudes than opinions.most all the setting you see here

are for sea level.

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